The Family Bed

family Nov 11, 2018

Is there anything sweeter than being snuggled up with your babies? Feeling their little bodies wiggle around in their sleep, listening to their every breath? It’s such a beautiful experience that I almost missed out on.

I had every intention of sharing our bedroom with our baby when our first baby was due in 2008. We had no plans to set up a nursery; I constantly joked that the newborn could sleep in a dresser drawer in our room - after all – it was bigger than my womb. As a baby gift, my parents built an addition on our home to make room for a nursery. I looked at this nursery decorated with love and wondered how I would ever hear a baby crying for me so far away from where I sleep. 

He was born at 12:44 am; I stared at him for an hour straight, this living breathing baby boy who was so healthy. Who only moments before was inside me, with me, completely dependent on my every breath, on my every heart beat. Yet here...

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