Family comes first. And family is more than just blood; it's the people you choose to surround yourself with.

Remember to keep the big things big. Relationships, loyalty, honor and being there when your kids need you. Because someday, they will need to know who they can turn to. And you better hope that's you. As Michael Corleone said - "Don't ever take sides with anyone against the family"


From conception through the moment a baby is born and into the early weeks of life, a baby is completely dependent on having someone else meet their needs. Babies whose needs are met develop a sense of confidence that they are secure and provided for. Babies who are left to cry it out often develop insecurities and trust issues that can infect every future relationship. Which baby were you?

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Good Goes Around

The Family Bed


Trust happens when someone believes that they can count on you. To help them. To care about their needs. To hold their most personal moments sacred in your heart. And to never, ever, under any circumstances, betray them. Our words, actions and body language can help instill a sense of trust in our loved ones.


Failure to communicate is quite possibly the number one reason relationships falter. Whether it's your spouse, your aging parents, your siblings or your children, keep open lines of communication. Listen to what they are saying, as well as to what they are not saying. Do this in times of peace, and they'll know they can come to you in times of trouble.


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