The 10,000 - Sculpt Your Dream Body

Want to get into the BEST shape of your life?

Ready to shed some weight, strengthen your muscles and sculpt the body you know you can have?

Have a busy schedule and need to find ways to get fit at your convenience?

Over the next 4 months, you can continue doing what you've been doing and dread putting on your bathing suit next summer. Or you can deliberately work through 10,000 reps over the next 4 months to sculpt your upper body, lower body and core into a lean, mean, sexy machine!

Each day, you'll gain access to a new video workout: 

        * Do anywhere - little equipment required

        * Do anytime - log on when it's convenient for you

        * Miss a day? No worries - just pickup where you left off any time

        * Varied workouts - get a new workout every day - no duplicates  

10,000 Times

Over the span of 120 days, we'll work the upper body, lower body and core 


The 10,000 was created with YOU in mind!

        * Already work out? This is an awesome addition to start your day or round out your night to turn your body into a lean, mean, fat burning machine. 

        * Been a while since you've exercised? We'll ease you into the program with important strategies and motivation to keep you on track this time around.

        * New to fitness? You'll receive bonus videos to teach you how to design a great daily routine with proper form to help you stick to it and finally see the results you've always wanted.  


Deliberate practice is your best bet for mastering any skill. The 10,000 will work you through 10,000 reps for the upper body, lower body and your core to have you looking and feeling better than you have in years!

Sculpt your dream body with a new workout loaded into your library EVERY DAY for the next 4 months.


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